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We are the best Kenyan wedding photographers to potentially capture your big day?  we at Kiss the bride photography  are  Top Kenyan wedding photographers,  and understand how huge this decision is! After all, a wedding day is not just monumental because two people in love decide to share their vows together. But you also get to revisit the day through your wedding photographs. It’s a gentle reminder of the promises you make to each other.

And if these photographs are able to evoke the same emotion every time you look at them, it means the photographer has managed to do their job well. Here, we represent the finest Kenyan wedding photographers who will manage to capture your imagination with Our extraordinary creativity.

Below are some of our latest blog, please Enjoy

Kericho Shoot
August 29, 2022

 Couple Photo shoot  | Kericho KenyaI photographed this , alongside my talented colleague fanwell asava  recently.

Muiz and Esther
August 29, 2022

It was such a privilege to photograph Muiz and Esther ’s amazing Kenyan and Nigerian  wedding at Windsor golf club in Kenya, this wedding (and this place) is just beautiful!

Milka and Achayo
August 30, 2022

I lack words to describe this couple, they ware just amazing ,from the first conversation we had until the day we delivered the work was just moments never to forget in my life time . Congratu...

Nancy and George
August 30, 2022

Enkishon wedding Photography | George & NancyAs a documentary wedding photographer, I always look to photograph the atmosphere of a day as authentically as possible, this includes honestly...

Hannah and Rick at tawi Lodge
September 7, 2022

 Their Trip to Kenya for the first time for their African Maasai weddings was just but amazing.  Hannah and rick’s Kenyan Maasai wedding was wrought with beautiful Maasai blessing as part of t...

Pharis and Wambui
October 1, 2022

Wambui & Pharis Kenyan Couple Engagement Photo Shoot @ Naishola Gardens limuru The easygoing couple Wambui and Pharis, had as their only wishthat their couple engagement photo session ...

Joab Mwaura and Nancy Onyancha
October 13, 2022

JOAB MWAURA & NANCY ONYANCHA WEDDING K24's Joab Mwaura and fellow news anchor Nancy Onyancha are the latest couple in town. The two love birds held their wedding at pride in wetlands  ...

lorna and Brian
October 14, 2022

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Lisandro and Mariana
October 14, 2022

Mariana and Lisandro at Amboseli bush camp Imagine a wedding and reception in a setting as unique as the love you share We have teamed up with the fanwell asava photography ...

Starvine and Charles
October 14, 2022

Charles and Starvin at Enkishon Gardens Limuru Hello welcome to starvine and Charles gallery and amazing couple that we later did their wedding at Enkishon gardens Limuru. I lack words to d...

Cliff and Maureen
October 15, 2022

Small museum that tells about the evolution of Kenya via building the railways. Gives great info and background on Kenya up until the present day, telling the story through artifacts, pictures...

Jacky and Dan
October 22, 2022

Jacky and Dan at Naishola gardens Limuru Hello Folks on our blog today is the love story of Jacky and dan at naishola gardens limuru, enjoy some of the moments we captured

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